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Available in Hardcover (978-1838483333) and Paperback (978-1838483357)

A book about image, collection and story.

As conservators of the discarded memory, it is a hobby, a collection, and somewhat of a responsibility. We are archivists by default.

We have a collection bordering on 5,000 slides form hundreds of different collections. Each one a portal into a past and an image resurrected every time it is illuminated.

We would, given the opportunity, share them all with you, but for the sake of brevity and trees, we embarked upon a curatorial process.

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Available in Hardcover (978-1838483326)

It’s a direction, a place, an idea.

Maybe it is the iron in our blood that draws us North.

And when we find ourselves going in the opposite direction, do we bring it with us, or do we enjoy the fact that the further South you go, the more North you have?

This book combines the essays of Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory, written during their project, 'A Different North', which looked at the Different types of North present as they worked in the North of England. Spanning subjects such as food, architecture, industry and and music, A Different North started with the idea of searching for a unifying identity and discovered a multiplicity.

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Available in Paperback (978-1838483340) and eBook (B0CW21FFKX)

Live Art Cliches is a collection of short essays about the live art world, starting with the title essay that considers the pitfalls of one of the most vibrant and urgent forms of making.

Published here as a companion to those just starting out on their live art practice as well as seasoned makers, who might wince a little as they encounter cliches they are also familiar with, Live Art Cliches looks at how we communicate through art.

Other essays consider when you should leave a performance, audience engagement, protest and art, the differences between visual and performative practice, and the business of a career in the arts.

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Available in Paperback (978-1797561592) and eBook (979-8224133598)

A consideration on artistic collaboration within science and the role that representation plays in that relationship.

Two artists spent a year in residency in a biochemist's laboratory. They were supposed to learn about science, media and art, but what they found was as much about the representation of women in all three.

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