taking the time

Taking The Time by Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory is a large-scale, multi-participatory project that looks at how we experience time.

There are two parts to the project.

The first part involves asking 1,440 people to donate a time of the day, or night, that is special to them and to give us the reason why. It might be the time their child was born, the time they set their alarm for, or perhaps a time in the future that they are looking forward to.

These times and reasons will be collected in a book that forms the basis for the second part of the project. Here, 1,440 digital watches will have their alarms set over a period of 24 hours. Each alarm will be a time donated by a member of the public.

After 24 hours, the watches will remain in place as a sonic sculpture, a monument that moves between silence and chorus to the rhythms of the city and its residents.